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right at all times to refuse to post, alter and/or remove any information and/or materials, in whole and/or in part, that in WCOM's sole and absolute discretion are objectionable and/or are in violation of this Agreement. In addition, WCOM reserves the right at all times to disclose any information posted on any portion of the Service as necessary in order to operate the Service, to protect WCOM, its parent and/or subsidiary companies, its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents and the Service’s users, to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request or to enforce this Agreement.

(3) License

By uploading files, inputting data, submitting content (including without limitation, comments to blogs) or engaging in any other form of communication (a "Communication") through the Service you are granting WCOM a royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to:

(i) use, copy, sublicense (through multiple tiers), adapt, edit, modify, translate, reformat, distribute, transmit, publicly perform, display, reproduce or create derivative works from any such Communication in any form of media or technology now known or later developed or invented, and

(ii) sublicense to third parties the unrestricted right to exercise any of the foregoing rights granted with respect to such Communication. No Communication shall be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of WCOM. For each Communication, you represent and warrant that you have all rights necessary for you to grant the license granted in this section, and that such Communication, and your provision thereof to and through the Service, complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. You further irrevocably waive any "moral rights" or other rights with respect to attribution of authorship and/or integrity of materials regarding each Communication that you may have under any applicable law under any legal theory.

(4) Content on the Service

Communications posted through the Service may be provided by users such as you who are unaffiliated with WCOM, and the user providing each such Communication is solely responsible for the content thereof. This means that you, and not WCOM, are entirely responsible for all Communications that you upload, post, email or otherwise transmit to or via the Service. In using the Service or receiving e-mail messages from members through the Service, you should not assume that such messages have been reviewed by WCOM, that such Communications contain correct information, or that the persons posting such Communications have accurately identified themselves and/or their affiliation with any other third party. WCOM neither endorses nor is responsible for any opinion, advice, information and/or statements made in the Communications by third parties. You understand that by using the Service, you may be exposed to Communications that are offensive, indecent, and/or objectionable. Under no circumstances and under no legal theory will WCOM be liable in any way for any Communication, including, but not limited to, liability for any errors and/or omissions in any Communication, and/or for any loss and/or damages of any kind whatsoever incurred as a result of the use of any Communication posted, e-mailed, and/or otherwise transmitted via the Service. The opinions expressed in the Communications reflect solely the opinions of the individuals who submitted such opinions, and may not be reflective of the opinions of WCOM, its owners (stockholders), agents, employees, officers, directors, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers and/or any other affiliated firm, person and/or organization.

(5) Personal Safety

When using the Service, please be certain that anything you say does not compromise your personal safety. Do not provide your name, phone number, postal or e-mail address, your password, or any other personally identifiable information to people or firms with whom you have no affiliation and with whom you do not know. Do not continue any conversation online that makes you feel uncomfortable. Please note that WCOM has no control over, and shall have no liability for any damages resulting from, the use or misuse by any third party of information voluntarily made public through any Communication and/or any other part of the Service. If you choose to make any of your personally identifiable and/or other information publicly available on the Service, you do so at your own risk.

(6) Blogs

Blogs on the Service may permit registered users to submit comments to the blogs. WCOM staff, in their sole discretion, may review, edit and shorten the submitted comments. WCOM staff, in their sole discretion may select certain comments to post, transmit, publish and/or broadcast, etc. Blog comments may include one and/or more of the following: your screen name, first name, last name initial and state. In some instances we may ask registered users how they would like to be identified in a blog and/or Communication comment.

By making a comment to a blog, you are representing and warranting:

1) that you are at least 18 years old and

2) that your comment does not violate the rights of any other person or entity. You will not receive any compensation for your comment or for granting any of these rights. WCOM is not obligated to use your comment, or compensate you in any way if we do.

3. How Our Services Work

WCOM provides users with access to a rich collection of resources related to living and/or lifestyle promotion, financial and business news, technical data service collections, and a variety and host of other online products and services which relate to the many developed and developing WCOM product lines (the “Content”). Some of our Content requires users to be registered and other Content requires users to pay a fee which could be billed either in regular increments (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly, etc.) and/or on a pay-per-use basis.

You understand and agree that the Service may include certain communications from WCOM, such as service announcements and/or administrative messages, and that these communications are part of the Service and that you will not be able to opt out of receiving them. You understand and agree that the Service is provided “AS-IS” and that WCOM assumes absolutely no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, miss-delivery and/or failure to store any user communications and/or personalization settings. You are responsible for obtaining access to the Service, and that access may involve third party fees (such as Internet service provider and/or airtime charges). In addition, you must provide and are responsible for all equipment necessary to access the Service.

4. Our Subscription Services


The Service may offer certain services (including without limitation, WCOM Subscriber Systems) for which we charge a fee that is billed in regular increments (e.g. daily, weekly monthly and/or yearly, etc.) in order for registered users to access the service (“Subscription Services”)

Free Trials

From time to time, we may offer our Subscription Services (including without limitation, WCOM Subscriber Services) through a free trial. Free trials are only available to user accounts granted a Free trial by WCOM. Free trial accounts granted by WCOM are non-transferable, sellable and/or other wise transmittable from one party to another without the sole permission and/or grant of WCOM.

You must have Internet access and a valid email address to receive a Free trial account. In addition you may be required to have and/or obtain a valid credit card (in your name or validly authorized to be used by you) and/or checking account ("Payment Method") to redeem a Free Trial offer.

Upon registering for your free trial, your Payment Method will be authorized for the length of subscription indicated during the registration process. In some instances, your available balance or credit limit may reflect the authorization; however, no charges will be made against the Payment Method unless you do not cancel prior to the end of your Free Trial period.

At the end of any Free Trial period, we will begin billing your Payment Method for the indicated subscription fees corresponding to your subscription plus any applicable tax unless you cancel prior to the end of your Free Trial. You will not receive a notice from us that your Free Trial has ended or that your paying subscription has begun. YOU MUST CANCEL PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR FREE TRIAL OFFER TO AVOID CHARGES TO YOUR PAYMENT METHOD. CLICK THE "MEMBER CENTER" LINK AT THE HOME PAGE OF THE SERVICE FOR CANCELLATION INSTRUCTIONS. We will continue to bill your Payment Method on a regular basis for your subscription plan until you cancel. You may cancel your subscription at anytime. We reserve the right to modify, terminate and/or otherwise amend our offered subscription plans. Unless otherwise stated differently, month and/or monthly, and/or year and/or yearly refers to your billing cycle (See "Billing" below).

Subscription fees are subject to change. In the event of a change in any subscription fee, a notice regarding the subscription fee change will be posted online and/or you will receive an email prior to the effective date of the fee change. It is the sole responsibility of the subscribers to check this page from time to time for any such notices.

Credit Card Billing and ACH transactions

By subscribing to a Subscription Service, you are expressly agreeing that we are permitted to bill you a periodic (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annually, etc.) subscription fee, any applicable tax and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of any of our Subscription based services. As used in these Terms of Service, "billing" shall indicate a charge against your Payment Method. YOU REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT YOU HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO USE THE PAYMENT METHOD YOU PROVIDE. The subscription fee will be billed at the beginning of your subscription, prepaid in advance and on each periodic renewal thereafter unless and until you or we cancel your membership. We will automatically bill your Payment Method each period.

All fees, taxes and charges are nonrefundable. There will be no refunds and/or credits for partially used periods, unless required by applicable law.

We may change the fees and charges in effect, and/or add new fees and charges from time to time, but we will give you advance notice of these changes by posting a notice online and/or by sending you an electronic mail Communication at your primary email account that we have on file.

If you want to use a different Payment Method or if there is a change in your credit card validity or expiration date, you may edit your Payment Method information by logging into your user account and making the necessary changes to your profile and/or account billing information.

If your Payment Method reaches its expiration date, your continued use of any of our Subscription Services constitutes your authorization for us to continue billing that Payment Method and you remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. If a charge to your credit card is denied for any reason, WCOM shall have the right to terminate or suspend your subscription and your access to the Subscription Service.

Automatic Renewals

Your subscription to a Subscription Service will be automatically renewed on a periodic (e.g., monthly or yearly) basis. We will bill the applicable subscription fee plus any applicable tax to the Payment Method you provide to us during registration (or to a different Payment Method if you change your account information). Your subscription will automatically renew for successive periodic subscriptions, with and/or without prior notice to you, unless and until you cancel your subscription or we terminate it. You must cancel your subscription before it renews each period in order to avoid billing of the next period's subscription fees to your Payment Method.

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